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Welcome to The Disaster Diaries of Rhyane Jane, a serial fiction podcast about disaster preparedness and survival! We hope you enjoy Season 1 of the show. Season 2 is currently in development, and let's just say that it's even bigger and better than the first season. Stay tuned...September 2024. 🌊

Item of the Week: Maps

Aug 21, 2019

Why do you need maps in your emergency kit?

Well, you may not always have access to GPS. If you can’t access your smartphone or if you can’t access the cellular network, you may need a map to find your way to an emergency shelter and or an evacuation camp.

So, what kinds of maps do you need in your emergency kit?

You’ll want at least one map of your local area. You can get maps from several places:

  • Online stores: Vendors like Amazon and Map Store sell road maps and states maps.
  • Gas stations and convenience stores: You can purchase a local map when you fill up at the pump or grab a quick snack on the road.   
  • Online maps: You can also go onto Google Maps, look up your local area, and print out the map displayed on your screen.

You’ll also want a map of evacuation routes. You can get one of those maps from:

Having maps in your kit helps to ensure that you can get to where you need to be if an emergency arises.