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Welcome to The Disaster Diaries of Rhyane Jane, a serial fiction podcast about disaster preparedness and survival! We hope you enjoy Season 1 of the show. Season 2 is currently in development, and let's just say that it's even bigger and better than the first season. Stay tuned...September 2024. 🌊

PREP TIPS: Make A Plan

Dec 6, 2019


Making a plan before a disaster means not having to figure things out during one. 

Here are a few things you want to work out now:

  • If you need to stay, where/how will you do it?
  • If you have to leave, how will you do it and where will you go?
  • If you have other people to worry about, do they know what to do? 


If a disaster requires you to stay in your home, do you have supplies to last at least 72 hours (3 days)? It could take that long before you are able to leave your home or before help can reach you. This is where knowing what disasters you could face and preparing an emergency kit comes into play.


If a disaster requires you to leave your home, do you know where you would go? This is where learning evacuation routes and designating emergency meeting places comes into play. Create a plan for leaving from home, work, school, daycare, or any other locations that are a part of your daily routine.

Coordinating with Others

If you are separated, how will you reconnect? And where? How will you let others know that you’re safe. This is where having a family emergency communication plan comes into play. Designate an emergency contact that is outside of your community. Make sure everyone knows who to contact, how to contact them, and where to go.   

You never know when an emergency or disaster will happen. You may not be home. You may not be with your loved ones. Make a plan and practice that plan regularly, so you know what to do.

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